The Calderdale Autism Development Project is a 16 month joint initiative between Calderdale Council and the National Autistic Society.

The project works with a variety of people with an autism spectrum conditions in Calderdale and provides support to people who do not meet the eligibility criteria for social care but still have low to moderate social care needs.

The project works in partnership with a number of existing services, groups and organisations in the local community to improve access to services for people with autism and raise awareness of autism spectrum conditions.

The project aims to create social opportunities for people with autism spectrum conditions to become active citizens and recognises people as assets, with skill-bases that can be utilised in the design and delivery of services across Calderdale. 

The project emphasises the importance of co-production and aims to include people with autism spectrum conditions and their families at every stage of the development of community led initiatives created for people with autism spectrum conditions in the local community. 

The project develops documents which are accessible to people with autism spectrum conditions, their families and relevant professionals in the community. 

The project welcomes new ideas from people living in Calderdale about how to improve the resources available to people with autism spectrum conditions visit the Contact us page to find out more information and to get involved