New Publications for 2017

Calderdale: Autism Services Directory 2017

Calderdale: Autism services directory

This document provides information about local and national services which are available for people with autism to access. 

Some are specialist services whilst others are universal. 

There are sub-sections where readers can access information about specific services such as employment, education, welfare and benefits, parents and carers, advocacy and support groups.

Calderdale: Autism Services Directory 2015

Calderdale: Autism Services Directory 2016


Calderdale Autism Strategy for the next 3 years

The first Calderdale Adult Autism Strategy was produced in 2012. This is the second local strategy covering the next three years. The Autism Strategy Group consists of people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions, family members and staff from Adult Social Care, the Clinical Commissioning Group, South West Yorkshire Trust, Health, Education, Job Centre Plus and Criminal Justice sector, National Autistic Society, voluntary organisations and providers. The group meets quarterly to oversee the implementation of the strategy.

Calderdale Autism Strategy 2016


Calderdale Aspergers Group - Creative Booklet 2016

Calderdale Aspergers Group started up in November 2011.  Since then approximately 150 people have attended and there are now three groups which meet monthly; two at Halifax Library and an evening group at Hebden Bridge Town Hall. 

They are peer support groups and members talk about how Aspergers affects them and related topics. We have adults of all ages from 18-60+ and about two thirds of the group are male and one third female. The groups are informal and refreshments are provided. 

As we have lots of creative people in the group, we decided to put together this booklet to showcase their work. Hopefully it will help to dispel the myth that people on the Autism spectrum lack imagination.  

Calderdale Aspergers Group - Creative Booklet 2016


Calderdale Reasonable Adjustments Poster 2016

A one page easy checklist of reasonable adjustments for people with autism to enable them to thrive in life.

Calderdale Reasonable Adjustments Poster 2016



Best practice guide for professionals supporting autistic students in Higher Education

This document provides information for professionals who support higher education students on the autistic spectrum.

Best practice guide for professionals supporting autistic students in Higher Education


A guide to setting up a social group for adults on the autism spectrum

This document provides information to anyone with autism who is interested in setting up a social group.

The document provides a step-by-step guide to successfully doing this and is in easy read format.

A Guide to Setting up a Social Group for Adults on the Autistic Spectrum


The Calderdale Autism Development Project

This document provides information about the Calderdale Autism Development Project including what the project is, the aims and objectives of the project, the role of the development worker, findings from a questionnaire, information about co-production and progress the project has made so far.

The Calderdale Autism Development Project


Calderdale: Information for school leavers entering transition

This document provides information for students and their families about the transition from school to college, college to university or adulthood.

Information about autism, transition processes, tips for a successful transition, useful contacts and personal perspectives are all included.

Transition Booklet for School Leavers


Calderdale: Autism prevalence data

This document provides data and statistics about the number of people diagnosed with Autism in Calderdale, some data has been obtained from local services and some have been estimated based on national prevalence data.

There is also information about gender, age, learning disabilities and ethnicity.

Calderdale: Autism Prevalence Data


Calderdale employers plan: Making employment a more positive experience for people with autism

This document has been created to provide guidance and support to employers who may employ people with Autism.

Information about autism, the skills and qualities of people with autism, challenges and barriers people may face, personal perspectives and useful tools and resources are available.

Employers Plan: Making employment a positive experience for people with Autism in Calderdale